1.) We work on a Time + Materials basis, as is the case with any reputable restoration shop. Our rate is $65.00 per man-hour (July, 2011). Any parts that are required are additional. We will research multiple suppliers, when possible, to ensure the best quality for the best price.

2.) We want you to realize that due to the many unknown and unforeseen repairs on your restoration project there is NO good way to estimate the costs involved or amount of time a project will take without first disassembling the vehicle. We do not give firm estimates! No two builds are the same, even if the vehicle seems identical. There may be the need for original or custom parts that weren’t needed in the previous build. What we will do is first disassemble the project completely. This would entail removal of all body parts, chrome, suspension, interior, and possibly sandblasting to remove paint. Doing this gives us a better idea of what needs to be done. We will then create a list of items that need to be or should be repaired. We ask that you keep in mind that restoration is never an inexpensive or hasty venture and a sizeable financial commitment must be made prior to starting any project, along with patience. With collector cars the sky is the limit to how far your project can go, what we will do is make recommendations and then take the project in the direction you wish to go.

3.) We will maintain close contact with you during the build of your project. You will get weekly invoices which break down labor hours, materials, and parts. Labor reports can be provided upon request to show the exact breakdown of the time spent on your project. We also keep phone logs for all calls placed on your behalf of your project, whether the call is with you or suppliers when ordering parts. We will also take photographs of each phase of your build. Those photos are available to our customers via this website, on a disk, or email.

4.) We do require an initial deposit to start work on your project. The initial deposit is for 80 hours of labor and is applied at the end of the project.

5.) Once the project is complete we will also offer to detail the car for you, check the nuts and bolts, touch up general road chips, etc. for the first year free of charge. We stand behind our work and will, for the period of one year, fix or repair and body, paint, or mechanical items excluding the motor and any reused mechanical parts that are not a result of abuse or carelessness. Paint work warranty ONLY applies to vehicles stripped to bare metal by us or one of our sub-contractors.

This information is to help potential customers become more aware of our shop policies and to provide a general framework of how we handle finances with clients. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to our policies please contact our shop by phone 330-533-4757 or email nate@buckeyeresto.com
We appreciate your business. Thank you for considering Buckeye Classic Car Restoration.

Forms of payment include Cash, Check, Visa and MasterCard. We are also pleased to offer a free, safe and secure ACH program whose participants enjoy a 2% discount on all invoices paid through this program.

In addition, we also have a financing program available through Car Care One and participants can receive up to 12 months NO INTEREST! Convenient, monthly payments to fit your budget!

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